Xiaomi Pocophone F2 Already Given The Thumbs Up?

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The Pocophone F1 looked impressive on paper so we knew that it was going to do well but nobody really expected the device to do so well. I guess the impressive specs along with the very reasonable price tag was what the consumers were looking for.

With all the positive feedbacks that Xiaomi has gotten for their Pocophone F1, it looks like Xiaomi is now all fired up to start working on a successor for the device. According to Xiaomi, the popularity of the F1 has encouraged them to start working on the Pocophone F2.

It was added that the successor to the Pocophone F1 will be arriving in 6 to 8 months time, Of course, while that does sound like good news, some people are also worried that Xiaomi will offer the device with a higher price tag but that they have gotten the attention of the consumers. Let’s hope they choose to keep it reasonably cheap.