Xiaomi Pocophone F2: More Than One Coming

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The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 that Xiaomi revealed this year was release as a single model smartphone but that might change with the successor. With the Pocophone F1 getting so much suiccess, Xiaomi immediately announce that they are working on the second Pocophone. New reports has now added that Xiaomi might be releasing two Pocophone F2.

When Xiaomi announce that they might be releasing another Xiaomi Pocophone F2 soon, some people specualted that Xiaomi might want to profit more from the device by raising the price of the device and that might be part true.

It was added that Xiaomi is thinking of releasing a successor to the Pocophone F1 which will come with a similar price tag and specs but there will also be a more premium version of the device that would offer a little more and of couese, cost more as well.

There is not a whole lot of detials about that right now but we should be learning more about it soon.