ZTE Axon 7: Android Oreo Brings Agony!

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The ZTE Axon 7 was a glorified smartphone in the year it was released in – that is, until ZTE got banned by the US government. Those that have gotten themselves the Axon 7 prior are left trapped with the device with no software support whatsoever.

But the gloomy state of being an Axon 7 user didn’t last long as ZTE got its ban lifted and the tech company leaped straight to launching Android Nougat via OTA. Earlier this month, ZTE followed it up with the release of Android Oreo but this turns out to be a gravely decision from the company.

A user shared online that Oreo for the Axon 7 is a complete mess as it isn’t offered over-the-air. Instead, ZTE opted to release the ROM online and users will need to apply the old SD card technique to enjoy Oreo. The strange decision is then discovered to be caused by a long-standing encryption issue with ZTE.

The other problem with Oreo is that it removes Google Daydream compatibility with the Axon 7 for reasons unknown. There are also reports of unstable data connection upon updating to Android Oreo and this seals the fact that ZTE has shot themselves in the foot big time.

Despite the value that comes with the Axon 7, the poor handling of Oreo has left the majority of users in regret and we don’t see how ZTE can make a comeback from this mess.

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  1. Don Gateley

    October 24, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Meh. I like mine just fine for what it is. Maybe Oreo has something about it that just hasn’t cleared my incoming fence but I’m not complaining in my ignorance.

    One would hope they still have R&D and some group fixing the release but probably not.