ZTE Axon 7 Finally Gets Oreo, Kills Hope For Android Pie

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Ever since the ban on ZTE got lifted in mid-2018, stranded users on the Axon 7 has been anticipating a firmware upgrade for their phone.

ZTE acknowledged the demand for the update and they made no delays to launch Android Nougat. ZTE then said that the Nougat OS is meant to buy them time for the release of Android Oreo before citing their hopes to launch Android 8.0 by August.

Well, that didn’t happen at all. The good news here is that Oreo didn’t get cancelled and ZTE fulfilled their promise last week. The company announced on the update for the Axon 7 online but the firmware release came with a huge catch – a non-OTA installation process.

The poor release of Oreo of the Axon 7 has basically left American users in a state of disappointment thus killing the hopes for Android Pie to arrive to the device.