ZTE Axon 7: Issue Filled Oreo Update Better Than Nothing?

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The ZTE Axon 7 users are not going to be very happy with their choice this year. When it was announced that ZTE will be ban in the US, the fans were understandably upset as many believe that they won’t be getting any more updates from ZTE which also means no Oreo OS for them.

Well, ZTE later came out to announce that they will still be releasing the update for their fans despite the ban and that they wanted to release it in August. Long story short, the ban was later lifted and ZTE released the Android Oreo to their users. Problem solved? Not really.

Soon after the update was released, some users have reported that the overheating problems, data connection issues and a few other issues that users were experiencing using the beta testing were still there in the public version.

Some users were also not too happy that the update was not offered as an OTA update. To get it, users will have to side-load it via an SD card which leads to more issues. We are not sure if ZTE is still going to do anything about it but it is not looking too good for the ZTE Axon 7 users.