ZTE Axon 7: Oreo Update Coming On August 2!

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ZTE became a major name in the smartphone scene when it launched the Axon 7 but unfortunately for the company, everything has gone wrong after a ban has been placed on them due to political reasons.

Now, the ban has been lifted and ZTE has got a lot of ground to cover in a bid to return into the smartphone scene. ZTE is not wasting any time as it took them only a couple of days to launch Android 7.1 for the Axon 7 Mini.

Today, ZTE confirmed that Android Oreo is coming to the phone and they are hoping to roll it out by August 2. That is about 3 weeks away from now and this is some impressive catch-up which ZTE is pulling off.

The Axon 7 was able to turn ZTE into a major contender for market volume in the mid-range scene back when it was launched but it all got ruined by the ban. It’s good to see ZTE is not quitting on the market.

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