ZTE Axon 7: The 24-Hour Oreo Verdict!

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Today will mark a very important day for ZTE as the tech giant is expected to launch the long-awaited Android Oreo update for the Axon 7.

ZTE has made it clear that they want to release the firmware update on August 2 as they can’t afford any further delays. The announcement was met by loud cheers from the Axon 7 users as their experience with the phone has grown sour ever since ZTE got banned by the US government.

The controversial ban was lifted a month ago and it saw ZTE jumping straight into launching the Nougat update for the Axon 7. It was also then when they revealed that Oreo should arrive today.

The pressure is on ZTE to deliver and this is especially when you consider that the government is working towards another ban for the tech company. It will be rough on ZTE and Axon 7 users alike because the ban will only put the brakes on the company while leaving the users with an outdated firmware.

ZTE has already suffered a lot from the ban as they lost their momentum in the market. The tech giant was already on the path to glory when they released the Axon 7 and the ban has basically forced them behind their rivals.

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