Rivian Third Vehicles Already Has A Design?

The Rivain R1T and Rivian R1S have yet to go into production but the automaker is already focusing on offering a third model. While Rivian has not shown us how it will look like yet, Rivian Forums seems to already have an idea of how it would look.

According to Rivian’s founder R.J. Scaringe, the third model will have a shorter wheelbase compared to the R1T and R1S model and those at Rivian Forums thinks that it will look like this.

The front was fitted with headlights that match what he R1T and R1S are wearing. It was also given a huge skid plate to keep the belly well protected. On the roof are the solar panels covering while the rear windows will be fitted with cameras.

Of course, it might be some time before we actually see Rivian take the covers off the third model since they would have to focus on the R1S and R1T right now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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