Is Mining Bitcoin & Ethereum Utter Cowshit? Literally, Yes

The cryptocurrency market is without a doubt one of the most volatile markets for investors at the moment. With almost every new rumor or announcement triggering major fluctuations and joke coins based on memes being overly popular, its quite difficult to take it seriously.

Now one family has found a way to take another bi-product that is hard to be taken seriously, cowshit, and use it mine cryptocurrency. How have they done this?

The BBC reported recently that the Philip Hughes family have used cowshit from their farms as a form of renewable energy. The breakdown of the manure releases methane which they then use to product electricity to power their cryptocurrency mining rigs.

With the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum requiring complex calculations and transactions to be completed in order to reap them as rewards, they require a lot of electricity. And using cow shit to mine them seems to be one of the cleverest ideas so far.

With methane emission normally causing excessive heat and subsequently linked to global warming, it is good to see it being put to such use with mining coins. The family has picked Ethereum at this time which is quite unfortunate given that its price does not seem to be bouncing back as quick as Bitcoin. But given what they are doing to mine it, it would prove just as good in the long run.

Author: Staff Reporter

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