Bentley Bacalar Sketch Now A Real Product

The new Bentley Bacalar was sketched a few months ago and it looks like Bentley is now ready to show it off.

The vehicle will be coming in as a two-seater roadster model that is based on the Continental GT. According to Bentley, the project started soon after the EXP 100 GT was introduced which is why we can see some of the design here.

The vehicle will be coming in with a w2 engine that will be offering about 650hp. They added that the customers will be getting the vehicle seen at the Geneva Auto Show with the color and materials being the only major changes that Bentley will be making.

Only 12 of these are made and all 12 are already spoken for when there were only renderings of it.

As for that is next for Mulliner, it will have to depend on what is being requested by their clients.

Author: Staff Reporter

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