Is Cummies Geared To Be The Next Dogecoin?

The Dogecoin was a huge surprise in the cryptocurrency realm, not only as a first of now more meme coins but the numerous mentions by Elon Musk that kept pushing its price upwards.

While there are many investors of Dogecoin who weren’t so happy when Musk showed up on SNL and caused the coin price to drop, they sure were ecstatic with its price going up before that with every tweet by him.

Over the past few weeks, we have further seen the power this individual holds in the cryptocurrency market simply by his activity on Twitter causing the prices of Bitcoin to fluctuate erratically. With that said, his tweet last week which hinted at Cummies, another fairly new coin with future real world, albeit promiscuous use, also saw a jump.

And as we have seen with Elon Musk, he tends to tweet a few times regarding the cryptocurrency coins he has mentioned, namely because his followers would ask him more about them.

With Cummies already seeing a boost of more than 300% last week from a single tweet and the cryptocurrency market finally showing some signs of consolidating, there is no telling if Musk plans on pushing this unknown coin one more time if he has really invested it. He did after all with Dogecoin a total of 4 times on his Twitter.

Author: Staff Reporter

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