Perodua Ativa & Proton X50 Waiting List Compared

perodua ativa

As of the end of March, it was reported that Proton collected over 40,000 bookings with less than a quarter delivered. With the month’s production only reaching 3,500, the waiting list for the very popular Malaysian SUV is likely to stand at 6 months.

Its biggest competitor, the Perodua Ativa, is not seeing better days either. It was reported earlier this week that due to the global chip shortage, the wait time for the Perodua Ativa is likely to fall in around 4 months. And looking at April deliveries it seems like no surprise.

Both Perodua and Proton have found their latest small SUVs not only cannibalizing the competition but their own other models, with the Perodua Ativa in particular expected to eat up as much as 25% of its Myvi sales.

Recently Proton launched online bookings via their app for the Proton X50, having customers put down only RM99 to confirm their booking. This will no doubt continue to have the waiting list grow.

While the Proton X50 is expected to be exported to foreign markets, plans for this will likely be put on hold and prioritize Malaysians to receive their vehicles first.

Author: Staff Reporter

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