2022 Toyota Landrcruiser 300 Leaked: Smaller Engine, Bigger Body Expected

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is expected to hit showrooms very soon and the latest leaked photos show that they are already assembled and waiting delivery.

What’s interesting about the GX460 is that its more boxy new redesign gives it a much larger presence but at the same time rumors suggest we may see a smaller engine variant coming in the way of a 3.5L Hybrid V6 version.

Reminiscent of the boxy G-Wagon design from the side, the front and the back are distinctly Toyota (well, maybe Lexus). A good effort given that the Land Cruiser G200 is now starting to show its age.

With rumors of the smaller engine variant, the vehicle will likely be more popular in markets where the road tax is synced with the engine capacity. As for off-road prowess, we still expect most adventurers to opt for the more standard variant. After all, looking at the new redesign the front angles look good for approaches.

Inside the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is a whole new ballgame. The interior is a lot more impressive and on par with the new models we are seeing from Toyota since early this year.

Variants wise, looking at the photos taken by Instagram user Hirofumi Shiomi (a.k.a. shomegranbill) we can see there are some different versions. Check out his Instagram page as he has great snaps from Japan, particularly the one of the red Toyota Land Cruiser which shows a different front LED setup (likely the premium model).

Author: Staff Reporter

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