Ford Ranger US Version May Be Entirely New Entry

The Ford Ranger has been making big moves around the world, except for the US where the homegrown brand never had plans to bring the small pickup truck back to US soil.

There had been various suggestions from time to time that Ford would introduce a smaller pickup truck eventually given that their trucks seemed to be getting bigger year after year, creating a gap for a small truck to slide below.

Now it seems the smaller Ford truck won’t be a US version of the Ford Ranger but likely the Ford Maverick. The latest leaks of the vehicle seem to show it is taking most of its DNA fro the new Ford F150 with matching headlights and a boxy frame. The Ford Ranger on the other hand is maintaining a sleeker silhouette so there isn’t really going to be any resemblance.

Of course, the Ford Maverick isn’t ready for its public reveal just yet and we can see that Ford is having enough trouble trying push enough Broncos through its doors that it could have time to do the same for another new model.

What do you think of the new Ford Maverick? Is it a good move or would you prefer the Ford Ranger and its Raptor variants to come state side instead?

Author: Staff Reporter

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