GMR Coin: Is It The End For This Cryptocurrency?

The GMR coin or GAMER coin hit the cryptocurrency exchange more than a month ago and while the crypto market in general has dipped subsequently, it is expected to rise over time as with every other dip.

The GMR coin however has been showing a steady decline well before the recent crash and this has led to a lot of rumors about its future.

The GMR Finance coin was setup to be a way for the gaming community to reward each other as well as for developers to use it as a form of payment for in-app purchases and gifts among other things. The idea behind it was quite well thought out and the developers also doxxed themselves.

Another positive was that the coin had limited supply with burns and that the longer you had hold the coins you would receive more as rewards. Overall its model sounded quite rational and it had the makings of a stable coin aside from any potential surprises.

So what has gone wrong? The GMR Finance website lists a roadmap along with several audits and upcoming exchange launches and if the team are sticking to the schedule over the next few weeks there is potential for things to turn around. If anything, it is possible that the speed of approach to these points on the roadmap seems to have decelerated.

It would be a good idea to keep an eye especially following them on Twitter and their official website. But it should be noted that with all new coins the road to the top is normally very gradual and rarely full steam ahead. As long as there is some sign of a turnaround there usually is still hope for the coin’s future.

As always, it is recommended to DYOR to ensure the coin’s purposes are aligned with yours. Otherwise it is not the cryptocurrency for you and it would be better to focus on more established coins albeit for slower rewards.

Author: Staff Reporter

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