Mercedes EQB Prototype Spotted Out In The Open

The Mercedes GLB was spotted getting tested out in the open but this time, the vehicle was running on an electric powertrain. Here is what we know about the EV version of the GLB.

It is believed that the vehicle will come in with an EQB badge. Based on where Mercedes actually bothered to cover up, it is safe to say that most of the changes will only be happening in the front and back.

We are expecting it to still have a Mercedes grille in the front despite the fact that the function of the grille won’t be necessary here. What will be missing this time is the exhaust outlet in the back. We don’t even get a fake one this time.

The Mercedes EQB range and EPA numbers are still a mystery now but based on the EQC, we might see it offer around 200 miles of range when it finally arrives. The EV version of the Mercedes GLB could be arriving in the US in 2021 after making its debut next year.

Author: Staff Reporter

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