Mass Effect 4 Andromeda: Bioware Must Start Committing To Players’ Choices

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Mass Effect 4 “Andromeda” is already in development and the game looks set to get unveiled at E3 this year. For Bioware, they are hoping to recover from the harsh criticism they have received from Mass Effect 3.

Well, Bioware got its first step right since Mass Effect Andromeda will start on a new galaxy with a new protagonist. Also, Andromeda will be a long and epic adventure with players deciding the fate of the game.

This is something that the fans are worried about as they fear that the choices the make don’t actually matter if there is a fixed ending. The fans want Bioware to fully commit in offering far-reaching consequences made by the player. Otherwise, it would be better for Bioware to just develop Mass Effect 4 with an amazing story but no choices.

The only way to find out about this is through checking out the preview for Mass Effect 4 Andromeda at E3 this year. Are you worried?