Smartisan: A Chinese Jewel Or A China’s Flop?

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China’s smartphone manufacturer, Smartisan, is planning to make it big in 2016 as it plots out several great devices for the global market. Despite having existed for three years already, Smartisan has only launched two devices and they are the T1 and the U1.

Now, Smartisan is finally producing a successor for their flagship T1 and it is known as the T2. The latter is going to arrive with more simplicity than ever as it looks to remove the power button and every visible screw on the body of the T1.

It gets more shocking when Smartisan shared that the T2 will utilize an aluminium frame and the will make the SIM tray look invisible. Other features on the T2 will include 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 panel and the latest processors around.

The focus here is to create another level of high-end smartphones and Smartisan has a great vision of it. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on the T2, which is expected to make its debut by summer of next year. Will it come out as a jewel or a turn into a flop?