IIHS Not Impress With Lane-Centering System

Most of the new models now come fitted with a long list of driver assistance features and one of the more common features that we are seeing now is the lane-centering feature.

As the name alone would suggest that the system is to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane. This is different from the lane-keeping system and keeps the vehicle in the lane but not in the center.

In IIHS’ latest study using models like the 2019 BMW 530i, 2016 Tesla Model S, 2018 Volvo S90 and more, it was discovered the system works on the highway ut does not necessarily pick up the lane markings on the road. Participants also commented that it can be quite uncomfortable when the vehicle makes jarring movements to readjust its position on the lane although there were a few that did ease the vehicle to the center.

Clearly, there is still space for improvement here as with every tech and we are sure the tech we see in a few year’s time would perform better than what we have now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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