Mini Cooper S Facelift More Than Just An Exterior Upgrade?

The Mini Cooper S would be getting an exterior facelift but on top of that, the vehicle could also be getting a plug-in option.

The Mini Cooper S would be getting a facelift in 2023 and based on the spy shots we have seen recently, it looks like the exterior update will be minimal with only the front and rear part getting covered but what is more interesting is not going to be on the outside.

It was speculated that the vehicle could also come with a plug-in hybrid option. This was after the vehicle was spotted with an E-FZG sticker in the front. Since Mini has not offered a hybrid or mild-hybrid version of the line-up, it would make sense that we will be seeing one soon as Mini slowly focuses more on EVs.

If this is true, the PHEV model could be coming in with a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that will be paired with an electric motor.

Author: Staff Reporter

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