Porsche Taycan: Affordable Model Confirmed

Porsche will continue to grow its Taycan offering as they confirm that they will be offering a two-wheel-drive Porsche Taycan and will come with a more affordable price tag.

According to Porsche, the new Taycan will be an RWD model which a smaller battery allowing them to reduce the price of the vehicle. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it was speculated that China could be the first market to get the vehicle followed by the UK and the maybe the US.

While the affordable Taycan will come with a much smaller battery and also less horsepower to offer, we are expecting the range to be reduced only by a little at this point but we will have to wait for the official numbers to be announced before can be sure.

As for now, people are still trying to figure out how many more trim of the Taycan Porsche plans to offer. It is estimated that the single-motor Taycan could be coming in with an $85,000 price tag.

Author: Staff Reporter

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