Tesla Model 3 Will Take You To Work Now

The next time you hail down a taxi in New York City, you could be hailing down a Tesla Model 3 as the model was approved by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission becoming the on EV model of the 21 approve nameplates.

To make sure it looks the part, the Tesla Model 3 will have to be painted in the iconic Dupont M6284 yellow, get the illuminated roof signage, taxi decals, have a partition installed on the inside, get fitted with an interior camera and fare meter and it will be good to go.

The idea of having an EV Taxi has been talked about for years now. The Nissan Leaf was also tested in a pilot program back in 2013. The Tesla Model 3 is said to have 240miles of range to offer on a single charge and it was reported that an average taxi will travel about 192miles in New York City so there is no worry of the vehicle running out of battery mid-day.

Now that the Tesla Model 3 is in, we might start to see more EV models get submitted for approval.

Author: Staff Reporter

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