Tesla Sentry Mode Graphics Needs To Go

The current Sentry Mode graphic that Tesla is using on their vehicles will have to be replaced with something else as it was reported that it resembles the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Sentry Mode was added last year and uses cameras on the outside to record video when the car is parked so that it can keep the Tesla vehicles safe from getting vandalized.

When activated, the vehicle’s touchscreen will show a large red dor that is similar to the fictional artificial intelligence character from the film and the rights to that is still with MGM Studios and that they want Tesla to change it.

Both MGM Studios and Tesla have not responded to the matter yet. On the topic of the display, it was reported that Tesla is also looking to show a symbol on their display to let thieves know that they are being recorded and it was reported that this display will be similar to the central light turrets in Portal.

Author: Staff Reporter

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