Tesla To Blame For Autopilot Crash

The Autopilot crash that happened in California in 2018 might have been because of Tesla’s negligence.

NTSB criticized Tesla for the lack of system safeguards in the crash and that Tesla ignored safety recommendations issued in 2017. While Tesla does advise the driver to keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention while on Autopilot, they are also saying that driver can keep their hands off the wheels for an extended period of time.

NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt points out that drivers should not sleep, read, wat a movie, text or play video games while behind the wheels but have noticed that a lot of drivers including the driver in this case. The logs on the iPhone showed that a word-building game was active during the crash.

NHTSA is also still looking into a few other crashes that involve Tesla and the Autopilot system.

Author: Staff Reporter

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