Volkswagen ID.3 Could Arrive Later With New Issue

Volkswagen seems to be struggling with its software code as it was announced that the Volkswagen ID.3 could be delayed due to another software issue.

It was decided that the production for the Volkswagen ID.3 was to start with the aim of delivering it in the Summer of this year. The aim was for the plant to build 20,000 units with 10,000 of those getting a proper software download next month but that will not be happening now.

It was reported that the architecture of developed too fast and the modules are having a hard time understanding each other. It was added that Volkswagen is working hard to resolve all the software issues right now and is determined to have it launch in the Summer but whether they will succeed or not is a whole other matter.

Volkswagen Group is also facing issues with the Audi E-Tron as the slow battery supply has to lead to them stopping production for a few days.

Author: Staff Reporter

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