Apex Legends: More Levels To Grind To

While PC players were able to get their hands on the latest Update 3.2 for Apex Legends, Xbox One and PS4 players had to wait a little longer to get the update but the wait is over now as the update was released this week on the consoles.

One of the biggest changes that the update will make to the game will be the in-game progression where the level cap has been increased from 100 to 500. That is 400 more levels for the players to grind to.

To encourage the fans to keep leveling up, there will also be Apex Packs that players can earn. Those that have already reached 100 Levels before the update will also automatically get 14 Apex Packs. A new gun charm will be awarded for every 100 levels you get.

The update will also give players the option to cancel a finisher halfway through its animation as well as the option to exit out of looting death boxes when an enemy team shoots at you.

The update will also fix up a few of the bugs in the game.

Author: Staff Reporter

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