Borderlands 3 Continues Anniversary Celebration With New Event

Borderlands is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month with a long list of events for their fans. This will, it will be Eridium Week.

As the name alone would suggest, Eridium Week is all about increasing the amount of Eridium for the players as well as add more items that players can use it to get. During this week’s Eridium Week event, Eridiem drops will be adjusted so that all enemies will now drop it.

The Moxxi’s Eridium slot machine will also cost less to play now and some fo the items that need Eridium to buy will cost less as well so you can buy more without using so much Eridium now.

With the arrival of Borderlands 3, the fans can jump right back into the universe once more. As for those that are not too familiar with the Borderlands series, the new game is not going to be any different from the previous game in terms of format so if you did not like what you saw in the last few games, don’t expect that to change with the new game.

Author: Staff Reporter

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