Nintendo Wii Had An Unreleased Spider-Man 4 Game

The Sam Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man movie was supposed to have a fourth movie but we all know that things did not work out but if it had, we would have also seen a new Spider-Man game come to the Nintendo Wii.

Hard4Games, a YouTube channel showed footage from the game found on a Wii developer console. According to the YouTuber, the game might have been left behind when the movie was canceled.

The short clip did reveal the plot when it showed the newspaper clipping that reference Vulture. It was rumored that the fourth Spider-Man movie was supposed to include Vulture although there were also other rumors that suggested Lizard could take the lead.

The developer has also started working on some generic enemies like the street thug and enemies with a face masks. There were also settings in Manhattan.

Of course, the game would mostly never make it out but it is intersting to see what could have been.

Author: Staff Reporter

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