Pokemon Go Event Bring Special MewTwo Back

It is Pokemon Day once more and the Pokemon Go game is celebrating it with a special Pokemon Day Event which is now live. Here is what players can find during the special event.

The party hat-wearing Pikachu is now back and so is the Eevee. Other party hat-wearing Pokemons like Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle will also hatch from 7km eggs or one-star Raids. There is also a chance that some of them might be Shiny versions.

On Sunday, there will also be a special Raid Day even where players will see Nidorino and Gengar with party hats. There will also be some Shiny versions around.

Players will also be happy to learn that the Armored MewTwo will be returning this week in five-star Raids and this time, the move that it will know is Psystrike. Clone Pokemons will also be appearing in the game during the event which will end on the 2nd of March.

Author: Staff Reporter

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