Smash Bros. Ultimate New DLC Detailed

A new fighter will be added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this month, Min Min. The Arms character will be coming with the 8.0 update along with a few more Mii Fighter costumes and Spirit mode update.

With Min Min arriving, the game will also receive the new Spring Stadium stage along with 18 music tracks from Arms. Min Min will be the perfect fighter for those that look long-range battles as she can reach her opponent with her long arms.

Min Min will be part of the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 which costs $30USD and will come with fixed DLC fighters which means there will be five more to come. The update will also bring five new Mii Fighter costumers including Ninjara, Callie, Marie, Heihachi and Vault Boy.

Spirit Mode will also be getting a new rematch feature now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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