Google Nexus 6P: Bringing The Best Out Of Camera

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What is there not to like about the latest Google Nexus 6P. The smartphone is stylish, powerful and also unique with its offerings. The only setback with the Nexus 6P is with its rear camera unit, which happens to be of poor quality.

However, the fault is not with the Nexus 6P 12.3MP rear camera. Instead, it is with the software that powers the camera. Google sent out a fix for this when the released Camera 3.1 update last week and it made the rear snapper function like a pro.

In detail, Camera 3.1 adds in more option settings for the users to play with. The new options on the settings make it possible to snap a really high quality photo with the Nexus 6P. On top of that, Camera 3.1 allows the 6P to run quickly and efficiently.

So if you are a Nexus 6P user and have yet to pick up on the update, you are highly encouraged to download Camera 3.1 which is available for free at the Google Play Store. You will love it.