2016 Lexus RC-F: It Literally Needs A Nose Job!

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So, 2016 will be taking over 2015 tomorrow and we spent the whole day thinking about the cars that are available for purchase today. We then got carried away with our imagination that we thought about vehicles with the worst front design but great rear design.

The first car that came to our mind is the Lexus RC-F. The luxury coupe arrived in style and it is offered with a variety of trims and engines too. The base model runs on a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder unit that is packed with about 241hp to offer. The range topping RC-F, on the other hand, runs on the 5L V8 engine that is packed with 467hp.

Despite having such a great performance, the RC-F is a disappointment with its design. The front portion of the car, in particular, has too many things going on that makes it look ugly. We did gave Lexus credits for creating its own unique design but it failed to translate well for the RC-F.

What makes it weird for us is that the RC-F’s tail section is really hot. It goes to say that the coupe really needs a nose job to fix the awkward looking grille and give the RC-F a complete styling it deserves. Wouldn’t you agree?