2019 Mitsubishi L200 Scores Zero Stars For Safety Because Of Missing Airbags

We don’t often see new models come without an airbag but in Latin America, there is actually no law that states that all vehicles must come with an airbag and because of that the Mitsubishi L200 can be sold there without an airbag.

The Latin NCAP took the vehicle in for a test and it was given zero stars for Adult Occupant while the Child Occupant protection was given two stars. While Mitsubishi is not breaking any rules, the Latin NCAP did express that they were dissapointed of the carmaker as the same model in Europe was offered with 7 airbags and ESC.

The agency also pointed out that their mystery shopper also reported that a salesman said that an airbag is no needed because of the robust structure of the L200.

Since then, Mitsubishi has announce that they will be adding two front airbags and seatbelts with pre-tensioner from February onwards.

Author: Staff Reporter

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