2020 Infiniti Q70 Will Not Be Happening

It will be the end of the road for the Infiniti Q70 has it was announced that the automaker will not be offering a 2020 model year.

According to Motor Authority, the large luxury sedan will not be getting a 2020 model year. While they did not explain the reason behind the decision, it was widely believed that the poor sales number was the main reason why Infiniti has decided to cut it off.

Nissan says back in July that they are looking to clean up their lineup and that we should expect to see 10% of their models get cut off from their global product lineup. While at that time, they did not specifically say it will be the Q70, most poeple already have predicted it.

While Infiniti seems to struggle to get their sedans out, they are having no issues with the SUVs as the QX80 continues to sell well this year. Nissan has also made it clear that EV will be a huge part of their future.

Author: Staff Reporter

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