Bentley Mulsanne Spot To Be Taken Up By SUV?

Looking at what the market is demanding right now, Bentley must have felt that their four-door sedan would not get much attention even if there were to give it a major update. With that, it was reported that Bently could be looking to replace the Mulsanne with a new flagship SUV model.

While Bentley did not confirm this news but they did say that there is value to offering a new SUV model in the Chinese and American markets. Of course, they are not a whole lot of details about what the vehicle would be offered but if that does happen, it could be something that the fans will look forward to.

The Mulsanne is not the only sedan that Bentley is looking to cut as other sedan models could also be on the chopping block as Bentley continues to evaluate their line up and offerings.

Bentley is also working on new EV models with the first EV set to arrive in 2026.

Author: Staff Reporter

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