Mercedes-Maybach GLS Spotted With Mouth Gaping Wide

With what Mercedes is already offering the standard GLS model, we can only imagine what the Maybach GLS will be offered with when it finally arrives. While most of the details are still a mystery now but we did to see Mercedes testing it out in the open with the grille expose for all to see.

The one clue that gave away its identity is the huge grille in the front which looks similar to the one seen on the Vision Mercedes Maybach Concept with its vertical slats.

While some parts were expose, other parts of the vehicle was still well hidden under the stickers. More changes should be happening on the inside as we expect to see better materials used and more new Techs to offer since it will be coming in to take on models like the Bentley Bentayga and Range Rover after all.

It is speculated that the base price for the Mercedes-Maybach GLS could start from $200K.

Author: Staff Reporter

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