More Automakers Getting Looked At By NHTSA Over Takata Airbags

NHTSA will be looking into more automakers for over the Takata airbag inflator issue and has not recalled them.

According to NHTSA, they are now looking at a few other models including Audi, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi over the Takata recalled issue that could revolve around 1.4 million inflators. They were looking at BMW earlier on and have now added these four to their radar.

Just as a refresher, the Takata airbags had inflators that would cause them to blow apart during a crash where the metal canister and shrapnel would be blasted all over the faces and bodies of the passenger. The issue had also caused the life of many people.

The danger was so great that automakers are advising that their customers not drive the vehicle while they wait for the issue to get fixed. NHTSA has not revealed the model or model year that could be affected so we will have to wait and see.

Author: Staff Reporter

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