Nissan Leaf With Lots Of Torque Paints A Bright Future

Nissan is working hard to make sure they are ready for the electric automobile future. Spotted this week getting tested is the twin-motor Nissan Leaf that got us all excited about what the future has in store for us.

The Nissan Leaf seen here had 304hp to offer and an impressive 501lb ft of torque thanks to its two electric motors. Of course, we will not be seeing this offering with the current Leaf but we might see it when the Ariya Concept is made into a production model.

On top of having two motors, the vehicle also uses regenerative rear motor braking to supplement front motor regenerative braking which will help reduce the pitch and dive while the car slows down making the ride much more enjoyable especially for the passengers.

With electric vehicles getting so much more attention now, it made sense that Nissan would want to also push the limit of how fast their EV models will be able to go.

Author: Staff Reporter

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