Scion C-HR: This Is An Unusual Sight

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The last LA Auto Show played host to many interesting reveals and among them is the new Scion C-HR Concept. The crossover might just be an example model but the fact that it looks stunningly gorgeous made it a crowd magnet.

Now, things have gotten more exciting after Toyota revealed that the C-HR could get produced in the near future. Toyota has a good track record when it comes to producing cars that looks like their original concepts so the future C-HR could look just like the understudy at LA.

If Toyota is to commence development of the Scion C-HR Concept, we can expect to check out the production-ready model at the next Geneva Motor Show. Like most cars from Toyota, the C-HR will definitely come out with decent amount of power and great fuel economy.

For us, it is important for the Scion C-HR Concept to get produced as the consumers need a strong alternative to the all-new Toyota Prius. The latter is impressive on every field except for design. Wouldn’t you agree?