Tesla Model 3 Can Go A Little Faster With A Price

If you are looking to have your Tesla Model 3 have a little more to offer in terms of power, Tesla now has a new option to offer.

The companion app that has been updated will offer dual-motor Model 3 owners the option to buy an “Acceleration Boost” upgrade that will take the 0-60mph time from 4.4 seconds to 3.9 seconds. It might not feel like much but it was significant to people looking for that extra boost.

To get the update, owners will need to have their in-vehicle software system running on the version 2019.40.2 to get the update. No word on when the update will be available for the other variants.

Updates like this are not something new as Porsche has also done the same in the past and with all the new tech that vehicles come with now, having an update like this done OTA should become more common in the future.

Author: Staff Reporter

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