Elder Scrolls 6: The Fans Have Spoken

Last year, it was finally announced that Bethesda will be working on the next game for the Elder Scrolls franchise, Elder Scrolls 6 and while there is still a lot that we do not know about the game right now but the fans seem to be certain of what they are hoping to see in the game when it finally arrives.

With the game still in development, fans have been pretty vocal about what they want to see in hopes that Bethesda would hear them and work on adding it to the game.

The people over at GameSpot have decided to ask Bethesda to add in the Potion Seller in the game referring to the character in the short story written by Justin Kuritzkes. The story here emphasizes on how a simple potion seller can actually play a much bigger role in the story.

At this point, it looks like we might have to wait years before we can actually see the game as Todd Howard has made it clear that it will not be arriving anytime soon but the wait is toleratable as long as Bethesda gives fans the game that they want.

Author: Staff Reporter

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