Hearthstone Streamers Given Same Treatment For Support

Blizzard got a lot of heat from their fans when they decided to penalize a Hearthstone streamer after he expresses his view on the situation in Hong Kong. Since the outrage from the fans, Blizzard has decided to lighten the punishment.

The original punishment was to ban Bitzchung for one full year while also taking back the $10,000 winnings he had from the tournament. The new ruling gave him back his winning and reduce the ban time to six months

Well, they have now also decided to give a group of University students that showed the sign “Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz” at a tournament the same punishment as Blitzchung which is a six months ban for the AU team.

After the banning, a group did announce that they will be protesting at BlizzCon next month.

Author: Staff Reporter

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