Overwatch 2 To Have Missing Overwatch Feature

Blizzard had a lot of new and exciting news to announce at BlizzCon this year with one of them being the new Overwatch 2 game.

Besides showing off the new Overwatch 2, Blizzard also drops some new information about the upcoming game. According to Geoff Goodman, the first Overwatch game almost had an Apex Legends-like ping system but they choose to remove it in the end. What they did choose to do is to offer it in the sequel.

Goodman talked about a chance to bring it back to the game especially for the Hero missions and Story missions. These are the PvE modes for Overwatch 2 where players will be pitted against AI enemies. With Hero made, players will have the option to choose without ever hero they want while the Story mode will have you play with a pre-selected group of characters which make sense since there is a story to be told.

All 31 heroes we see in Overwatch 2 will also get an updated design in the new game. The game will be arriving on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch but no date was given yet.

Author: Staff Reporter

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