Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC: What We Know Now

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be getting two major DLC expansions soon, the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. The first expansion is set to arrive in June while the latter will come this fall. The expansion will come with a long list of upgrades and here is what we know right now.

Announced earlier this year, the Pokemon Company has revealed a little more information about what the update will bring. First of all, these expansions will not be free, the Expansion Pass will cost $30USG and you need to get both.

Getting the pass will get you an exclusive Pikachu uniform and Eevee Uniform. If you purchase before the 31st of August, you will also get Leon’s cap and tights.

The update will also bring back some old Pokemons but these Pokemon will be available to all so you don’t need the pass to get them. More than 200 old Pokemons will come with the update. Along with some old Pokemons, new Pokemon will also be added to the game as well. including the two Legendaries, Kubfu and Calyrex.

Read more about what the expansion will bring to the game on their website.

Author: Staff Reporter

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