Crypto Ready For Major Boost From Standard Chartered & Google

It has been a disappointing month for cryptocurrency with the market taking a hit in late May. While things are appearing to stabilize, the price of popular tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are much lower than their previous highs from the beginning of the month.

However things may begin turn around real soon as positive news floods the crypto sphere. In particular the recent announcements by Standard Chartered and Google.

Standard Chartered Bank has announced that they plan on creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform in partnership with OSL that will be targeting Europe and Britain. Popular stable coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and such are expected to be readily available to clients on their trading desk.

If that isn’t enough to get chatter going, Alphabet’s Google has also announced that starting August this year they will be approving digital advertising for cryptocurrency ads. Currently there are limitations in place when advertising cryptocurrency and exchanges out there such as Binance and Coinbase. With these restrictions lifted, one of the world’s largest advertising platforms will see a flood in cryptocurrency advertising to the masses.

While cryptocurrency has been around for sometime, the lack of stability and knowledge has still put it as a disadvantage. There is no doubt that big players such as Google and Standard Chartered coming on board will have a major boost for its image. For one thing, the many websites that rely on advertising to pay their bills would be more frequent to write about cryptocurrency awareness and its education knowing that there is potential revenue behind their efforts.

Author: Staff Reporter

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