Samsung Galaxy Fold Still Can’t Take All The Folding

Since the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a foldable phone, you would think that the one thing Samsung will try to get right would be the screen but despite the much-delayed release date, it looks like Samsung still could not get it right.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was tested up to 200,000 folds to ensure the display could take the abuse and CNET decided to put that to the test.

They place the smartphone on a machine and folded the device continuously and the display failed at 120,169. While that is still a lot, it was not the 200,00 that Samsung had promised. Of course, we have to take into consideration that nobody will actually be constantly folding their device so your device probably won’t suffer the same fate.

But of course, with the long list of warnings for the device, folding might not be your biggest concern here. The Samsung Galaxy Fold needs to be kept away from water and also dust.

Author: Staff Reporter

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