2020 Honda Civic Type R: Not All New Stuff Are For The Car

Honda finally revealed some additional detail about the upcoming 2020 Honda Civic Type R and while most of the details are for the Type R vehicle, there is also one for the phone.

Honda announces the new LogR app for the phone that can be used to record vehicle data when you are on the track. It does so by connecting to the on-board computer of the vehicle to display and record various data.

It shows some of the basic data like oil, water and temperate. The driver can also use the lap time function to choose a start and finish point and it will help record the lap time for the driver.

The new app will be arriving this spring and will be released for both Android and iOS smartphones. Of course, it will only work with the 2020 Honda Civic Type R so you need to have that as well.

Author: Staff Reporter

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