2021 Ford Bronco & Mach-E Production Also Delayed

A few automakers have already pushed back the production of their models to a later date due to the coronavirus and now, it looks like the Ford Bronco and their Ford F-150 will also be added to the list.

Ford announced that the production for the Ford Bronco and Ford Mach-E will be pushed back by two weeks which is short compared to the Bronco Sport which was pushed back for two months to the 7th of September.

Of course, Ford never really did offer a production date in the past but with the latest report, the Ford F-150 will be built at the Dearborn plant with production set to start on the 12th of October while the Kansas City plant will start its production on the 9th of November.

The production date for the Ford Bronco is still a mystery but it is estimated that we might be looking at an October/November release window as well.

Author: Staff Reporter

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