BMW To Make Some Features Subscription-Based

BMW has announced that they will have an update for the Drive 7.0 infotainment system but on top of that, they also reveal some additional information about their ConnectedDrive Store.

BMW previously tried to charge for the Apple CarPlay which obviously did not sit well with many. They later decided to offer it for free as many of the other automakers but they have not put away the idea of charging for a subscription of some extra features.

BMW announced this week that they plan to offer a subscription program for some of the comfort functions and driver assistance features. It was suggested that features like the heated seats, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control and more could be offered based on the subscription period. This suggest that while the vehicle will be fitted with all these techs, you will need to pay to access them.

Of course, some people can say that this will allow the owners to pick and not pay for anything that they dod not use but then again, others can argue that with the price BMW is asking for, it will be too much if BMW is asking them to pay even more for something that other automaker might choose to offer for free.

What do you think?

Author: Staff Reporter

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