Fiat Combines Two 500 Model?

Instead of offering a 500L and a 500X model, it looks like Fiat has decided that they might want to combine the two and offer just one, a 500XL model.

According to AutoExpress, the second-gen model will be arriving in 18months and that the model could the 500XL that combines the best of the two models into one.

It was also added that Fiat is considering offering the vehicle with an electric powertrain. The 500L will be able to offer a roomy interior while the 500X will ensure that it looks good.

With Fiat already offering the 500e and Jeep sharing their Renegade plan with Fiat, turning the second-gen model in an EV model would not be impossible. However, with Fiat not revealing anything yet at this point, it would be best if we take it all in with just a pinch of salt for now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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